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Thread: Porch recess light

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    Default Porch recess light

    What is the best way to convert recessed can light to motion sensor light in front porch?

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    There are some add-on sensors available. Zenith, I think, still makes one (I have had one installed for years). You may need a deeper electrical box to install it under the fixture...then, there's a small cable that comes out for the sensor. Or, buy one with it built-in.
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    Not sure what you're asking. Are you just adding a motion detector to the can light or installing a whole new fixture?

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    Hi Talisker,

    There is no easy way to convert a recessed can to a motion sensing light. Can you provide some pictures or more detail on what you're trying to achieve with this project? I may be able to provide some suggestions if you can give us some more detail.

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