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Thread: Carpet purchase and install: Tips? Recommenced websites?

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    Default Carpet purchase and install: Tips? Recommenced websites?


    We are remodeling a lower level with a concrete floor.

    We tried to use Home Depot: Complete idiots.

    Local independent store with a good reputation is proving to be flakey.

    Has anyone used Lowes?

    All tips and references are appreciated.


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    Don't expect Lowes to be better than Home Depot... These two, Sears and others, are acting merely as middleman. That means: they hire the cheapest contractors, most of which can't make a living on their own, due to poor workmanship, lack of experience, lousy service and whatever else it takes to fail in business.

    Contact old time carpet layers, if you can find any. In the last 20 years or so, they disappeared, as the carpet business dried up, when laminate took over.

    Tip: try carpet cleaners and laminate layers too.

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    I had to have a piece of carpet installed a few months ago, and had very difficult time finding an installer. They only wanted to install the carpet they sold.
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