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Thread: suggestion on good brand for "laundry sink"

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    Default suggestion on good brand for "laundry sink"

    my house built 1984 year old wall hung well made (thick plastic) single utility sink- that shows it age mainly due to all the paint brushes we cleaned out in it.
    the laundry sink the box stores sell are really flimsy looking, and seem to have dorky looking legs.
    My wife wants a stainless tub, only ones I have seen are $1000+ whick seems too expensive.

    who manufacturers a good quality either pvc or ss tub?

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    I would just get a Mustee composite wall hung sink and replace the one you have now.
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    Go with the stainless "Happy wife, happy life"

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    Moen has a few ss sinks for the laundry room, just google it. Some even come with legs, can you believe it?

    I recently installed an ss sink that ran less than $50, and is doing fine.

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