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Thread: Can I vent my exhaust fan into a joist bay?? No moisture...

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    Default Can I vent my bathroom exhaust fan into a joist bay?? No moisture...

    I am remodeling the 1st floor of my 2 story home.. moving a bathroom 15 ft over. Supply, vent, and waste are not a problem. The exhaust fan may be.

    I want to install an exhaust fan to 1) eliminate odors and 2) provide a slight noise to muffle any bathroom sounds. But the bathroom does not border an outside wall and thus I can't run my exhaust fan to the roof or exterior wall or outside soffit.

    Since there is no shower and thus no major moisture can't I just vent the exhaust fan into the joist bay above the bath? I'm guessing the textbook answer is no, but what is the major downside and ill effects of doing this?

    Thanks in advance!
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