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    How wide do they make bath doors in. I would like one for my whirlpool that I will be getting. These things can get quite long so I don't know if they even make any that will fit. Probably do though. The whirlpool will be up against three walls and one side (long) open. Perhaps a sliding door or something would work here. I could probably always use a curtain if no doors existed. Any better suggestions on enclosing a whirlpool etc.. Thanks

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    The widest swing door available is 36".Any bigger than that you have to get either a bypass (sliding) door or a swing door with stationary panel or panels.
    Take a look at www.coralind.com to see what you can get,also talk to local glaziers,they can pretty much make up just about anything in the way of glass enclosures.

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    You can get pretty much anything if you go custom...the largest one I've found "off the shelf" is for a 6' tub. If you want to go custom and are will and able to do some of it yourself, check out www.wilsonglass.com
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