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Thread: Pedestal Sink Installation Question

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    Default Pedestal Sink Installation Question

    Ok, I have a 1.5" galvanized piece of drain pipe sticking out of the wall (out of a santee I assume). We want to install the new pedestal sink a few inches over from the center of the drain line. I'm not sure of exactly how much yet. Can I just swing the trap over a few inches? If so, how much? It was suggested that since it's unlikely I'll be able to mount it to the studs, I should use some toggle bolts. The wall is 1/2" sheetrock.

    How do I connect the trap arm to the drain? Some kind of trap adapter? Do they make deep escutcheons to make up for the water lines sticking out somewhat far?

    (Kohler pedestal sink)


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    That all depends on how wide the pedestal's base is. If you use 1.25" trap, this will give you some more adjustment. Most times if you are too far beyond the swinging of the trap, you can start off at the wall with a tubular 45 fitting, but if the base doesn't cover this, I would just make the adjustment in the wall and turn out PVC with a marvel connector.
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    Agree with RUGGED. You will most likely have a hard time / not be able to do it without moving the pipe in the wall.

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    Default pedestal

    It would be an unusual pedestal that had an opening in the back that was large enough to allow the sink to be moved more than an inch or two sideways, by just rotating the trap.

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    Default same problem

    I did all finish plumbing and my house and had 1 pedestal sink with the same exact problem you are running into. My sink was off center from my drain line about 2 inches and pedestal limited the amount the trap could rotate...I tried flexible traps and finally ended up getting it to fit but it leaks b/c of the wierd angles I had to use. Trust me it's easier to just cut the sheetrock and move the drain to line up with the sink...or better yet take the pedestal sink back and get a cabinet for the sink.


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