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Thread: 3D Stone and Tile Options - The new look of modern tile design

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    Default 3D Stone and Tile Options - The new look of modern tile design

    A few months back I wrote and Article for Residential Building Magazine on Tile Trends for 2013. I love tile and love working with beautiful bathroom building materials. While researching my article I took the time to visit my favourite tile shops and look closely at all the new lines. What took me back was the texture all these new tiles have. So many tiles had shape to them and the variety of styles blew my mind.

    I was back out again today and found some killer new tiles and wanted to share these finds here with you.

    This is a 3D Marble Fireplace feature. Tiled by one of America's best installers Rod Katwyk of 3D Stone & Tile. What amazing showcase of skill and what an amazing feature wall for a sleek modern gas fireplace unit. If you are looking for a new twist on the classic tile greats - spend some time and check out Rod's new tile store.

    I found Ames Bros Tile here in Burnaby littered with three dimensional tile of every kind. I did not find anything as nice as the Chevron Pattered Marble like above but I did find some great options.

    Here is a peak at some of the nicer finds I found out shopping today.

    Not sure what this was made from but it certainly has texture to it. Love the colour the most. This tile from Modular Arts....

    Look How the Morning Light Hits this 3D Stone Tile Wall.

    Photo: 3D Stone and Tile
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