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Thread: Halogen bulb heat...

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    Default Halogen bulb heat...

    We are doing a DIY master bath remodel. We bumped a wall out under an eve to add 2 1/2 ' to the room, in which we are placing our vanity. We are placing a 40" wide x 30" tall mirrored medicine cabinet (with three doors that have to swing open) above the vanity, leaving me only 10" above the vanity for lighting. The following link is to the light fixture I want...the fixtures total height is 5"....my question is, will the halogen bulbs be too close to the ceiling, given the heat that they give off? The bulbs are in the center of that 5" height.
    Thanks for an advice you are willing to give.


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    You may need to contact the manufacturer or see if you can find the installation instructions online somewhere. It will typically list some minimum clearance dimensions. Hard to tell otherwise.
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