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Thread: prevent well from freezing in cold weather

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    Question prevent well from freezing in cold weather

    Just moved out to country and we have a water well. I keep forgetting to drip water when it dips below freezing then when I wake up I have no water (in all my faucets) until it warms up.

    Part of the problem is I don't have a cover (one of those fake plastic rocks or something) to cover it. Should I insulate it somehow before I put the cover on? I wasn't sure if wrapping the exposed pipes in some type of insulation was recommended. I attached picture of the part sticking out of ground.

    Also not exactly sure where it is freezing. I'm guessing it is where the pump is sticking out of ground or where my water line enters the house and goes to my pump (here only about a 6 inches is exposed going from house under ground and it is wrapped in some type of wrap.)

    Are there any other options other than dripping faucets every time it gets below freezing?

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