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Thread: Tankless & Single Handle Facuet?

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    Default Tankless & Single Handle Facuet?

    We were interested in the Marey 10L NG DP tankless water heater. After reading several reviews on this model, as well as other manufacturers, it seems none of these work with a single handle faucet.
    Seems strange that you would not be able to use a single handle faucet with these heaters..as most kitchens have this style..
    Does this rule apply to all tankless water heaters?

    Marey said: The reason being, that all of our units are pressure activated. When you lift your handle up and to the hot side, the pressure will activate the unit. When you start to move the handle to the cold, you are diverting the pressure from the hot, to the cold, so the unit will deactivate. When you have dual faucets and are adding in the cold, you are lessening the pressure as well, but not completely diverting it."

    Thanks for any help or info.

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