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Thread: Polystyrene neo-angle shower

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    Default Polystyrene neo-angle shower

    Hey there,

    Looking for a bit of guidance! Helping friends install a MAAX neo-angle shower. We've got the basic idea behind most of it. Patience is on our side, fortunately. I have a couple questions at this point.

    The instructions say to attach the base directly to the studs. What I'm wondering is if the base should be shimmed out so the outer edge of the flange is flush with the finished wall (the instructions don't specify one way or the other). The flange is about 1/8" thick...and we'll end up with 1/2" drywall in behind the panels, likely.

    Next, looking for suggestions as to what to put behind the unit. I've heard concrete board is best in showers. But, I've also heard that with polystyrene panels, the adhesion is better with something like ''greenboard'' (not sure what it's called elsewhere...but I'm referring to water-resistant drywall).

    Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.
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