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Thread: Toto washlet S300e question

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    Default Toto washlet S300e question

    Ok purchased washlet. Have an issue can't find answer to anywhere. Whenever I walk near toilet, the cleaning cycle commenses. Doesn't matter if toilet seat is up or down. The cleaning cycle sprays water in bowl. Is there any way to turn this feature off. I have to close the door to keep the toilet from constantly initiating cleaning when I pass it. ALSO, my washlet came with a remote control ( actually looks like a tv remote) vs a wall mount as shown on web,etc. haven't figured out how to change settings and am guessing something is wrong with it to that end. Looks easy but doesn't work. Is it me or is something wrong with washlet and remote? Thanks much.

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    The remote comes with a mounting bracket. You can leave it on the bracket, or lift it off.
    I would check the users manual above for the settings. Page 44
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