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Thread: Troubleshooting bathroom smell

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    Default Troubleshooting bathroom smell

    I've been battling with a mysterious bathroom smell for about the past week and was wondering if anyone had thoughts on additional steps to take.

    The smell is in the "master" bath and seems to be originating in the vicinity of the toilet and exterior wall. There is additionally a stall shower and sink in the bathroom. In the crawl space below the bathroom I could see a small amount of water leaking at the base of the vent pipe. The order of attachment from most upstream to most downstream is: shower with trap, sink, vent pipe, toilet, kitchen sink. The two obvious things that I could think to try were the toilet seal and vent pipe. I've redone the toilet wax seal and I'm comfortable that this isn't the issue. I've also snaked the vent pipe from the roof, which wouldn't make it all the way to the crawl space but most of the way and there was no sign of debris. In the attic I discovered that there was a bad joint right at the 90 degree turn to the pipe that runs vertically through the wall down to the crawl space. I snaked from here down to the crawl space and then flushed water down, listening in the crawl space...all seems to be well. I redid the attic PVC and have been airing out the bathroom in hopes that it was still residual moisture from the bad joint. This hasn't worked. This morning I opened up the bathroom wall to see if there was a bad joint in there, but everything looks well. There's an inline coupling but it seems solid. There does not appear to be any more leaking water in the crawl space.

    My next step is to pull the sink and shower traps to make sure that there's water in there. I've tried filling the sinks and shower and flushing the toilet and don't notice any bubbling or anything that would indicate that it's attempting to siphon from one of those lines. After this...I'm at a loss, other than the possibility of a dead animal in the wall or something to that effect.

    Is there anything else that I should try? Greatly appreciate the help!

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    Without having a nose there it is really impssible to help.

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