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Thread: Twilight Movie Fantasy is alive in Forks

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    Default Twilight Movie Fantasy is alive in Forks

    Vampires are still breathing new life into the former timber town with a rain forest for a neighbor.

    More of the Times story here, Times story

    Sue and I did our own tour of Forks Washington, the town in the book and movie.
    My cousins live there, so we visit every so often.

    Entering Forks, or at least standing by this sign.

    My cousin Dick Loushin sharpened saw blades for the saw mills.

    Remember this from the movie?

    La Push on the Washington Coast.
    To the left of this photo is the cliff that was used in the movie.
    Not to be jumped off of though.

    No........we did not spray paint that on the rocks.

    So cool that they made movies of these places.

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    Wow,I just love this.

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