The typical picture of an upflow furnace is exactly how I want it tobe but the previous owner or installer set the furnace where the trunk lines run with the floor joist instead of across the joist so my takeoffs can run inside the joist cavity's is there away to do that without turning the whole furnace 90?
It has supply and return 1212 going both directions and reduces after to 88 and on down from there but the total run from furnace is only 12feet one direction and about 10 feet the other. The floor joist run from front to back divided into three sections of a total foot print of 32ft wide by 36ft deep. It has a typical furnace configuration Trans XE90 4"x16"x24" filter cabinet down low between the furnace and cold air return.
basically if I turn the furnace 90 It would be what I want is the anyway I can get that setup without having to move the furnace. I know changing the plenum or (y) connector is what I need Im a union carpenter by trade and I've got the basic ideal I would just like the opinion of someone that does it all the time always new products and designs coming out,
thank you for any help