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Thread: Two tubs: what's the difference??

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    Question Two tubs: what's the difference??

    This is the point where I feel like doing a Star Trek Dr Bones impression: "Dammit Jim...I'm a social service worker, not a plumber!"

    Based on our contractor's recommendation and our own visit to a plumbing showroom, we've selected the American Standard Americast Cambridge tub. This is one of the fixtures we've elected to purchase ourselves and have our contractor install. I'm going to run this question by him, of course, but I'd really like additional input.

    WHAT is the difference between these two tubs? My husband and I just can't spot it in the product details, except that one has pre-drilled holes for a grab bar. How would that account for a $90 difference???


    In case the links don't work, or someone knows model numbers really well, they are model numbers 2461.002.020 and 2460.102.020

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    The difference between a 2460 and 2461 is that one is left hand and the other right hand. The 002 is the standard tub, and the 102 has the grab bar drillings which is the price difference. If you buy that one, you MUST also buy the grab bars and install them before the tub in connected.
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