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Thread: Raimondi Tile Leveling System

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    Default No Blob setting allowed

    Quote Originally Posted by jadnashua View Post
    Proper thinset depth and coverage is critical to any tile install, and maybe more so when you use a clip of some sort. A curve on the bottom of the clip may work best since there would be thinset around most of it, minimizing plastic to tile or substrate contact under the tile. But, of those I've looked into, they require moderately deep thinset coverage, which is not unusual for a bigger tile (and the ones these things work best for and are recommended for).
    The curve requires the tile to be max out on most thin-set max thickness range (1/4") - I've used them and you can see the curved clip push the tile back up once it's tapped into position.

    The TCNA and TTMAC require 100% coverage on all edges and corners.

    Photo: Source

    Look at these horrible install. Notice the blob setting.

    With clips in the way I see now way to achieve this.

    The job I set with the Raimondi System was a wall tile installation. With micro tile - super thin 1/4". The tile was utter crap. All over the map.

    The clips did help set this shower but grout prep after was a good three hours.

    Forcing tile to stay put is one thing. Forcing tile to bend while setting is another.

    Just wait. Soon Come. Indent Fractures looming.

    When using a product like these clips a self curing rapid setting thin-set might be the safest call. This way the thin-set can quickly set up taking the strain off the clip or lashing system.
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