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Thread: flow inducer sleeve question...

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    Default flow inducer sleeve question...

    I have a 120' well with static water standing at 50'. my well screen is set 120' to 60'
    My casing size is 6" PVC 0.020 screen and I have 100+ gpm yield but do not know the draw down.

    I would like to install a 55gs50 Gould pump that would yield roughly 72 gpm at 40 psi from 60'.

    I would imagine the draw down would be atleast 10 ft, so the question I have is should I run a flow inducer sleeve since
    the pump will be setting in the well screen, and if so, what would be a good choice for a flow inducer sleeve?

    I know there is very little clearance between a 4" pump and 4" pvc,
    but if I were to use c900 dr24 would I have enough flow area to
    pull the 72 gpm?

    If I were to use 5" PVC would there be enough clearance between it and the casing?

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    A 4" shroud will start restricting flow at about 60 GPM. You really need a 5" shroud for that pump, and yes there is plenty of room between the 6" casing and 5" shroud for that flow rate. I always use a shroud when I can, and especially when setting the pump down in the perforations.

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