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Thread: Rheem 42V75F and Bradford White M-I-75S6BN NG Water Heaters

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    FWIW, my local HD has (had?) a sign up in the area with the WH stating the local code requirements. Now, whether anyone actually abides by them, is another thing. In theory, not always in practice, a permit and inspection ensure when the job is completed, it is safe and functional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdavis37 View Post
    At the risk of showing my stupidity, how is that any different from mixing in cold water at the faucet? ( other than of course at faucet one could turn cold water off first). It just seems like the heat losses throughout the lines would come into play more if the temp is reduced to 120 degrees versus the full temp at the start. Mine is currently running around 140 degrees give or take. Appreciate the input. Contractors usually love me after I read things for a while.. just enough knowledge to irritate probably but then I have learned many who do this stuff for a professional living don't know as much as they should!
    From first hand experience, my 50 gallon water heater at my prior home, set at 120 dF would just run out of hot water filling a garden tub. I cranked up the temp to 140 dF and there was no problem filling the tub.

    I have an 8 year old grandson who loves to take baths. I have the WH set to 140 dF and I installed a tempering valve and set it to 115 dF heater output to prevent scalding. No more issues with running out if hot water.

    Yes , adults should be smart enough to test water before getting in but children can't be trusted.

    Besides, our dog will jump into the tub if she hears it running, as she loves it.


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