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Thread: Outdoor bypass switches.

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    Default Outdoor bypass switches.

    There probably isn't any good (code-wise) way to accomplish this, but here goes anyway.

    I encounter situations where a pump for a fountain or a sprinkler system is powered by a time switch or power relay inside a structure. It greatly benefits me and my customers if I am able to manually switch on and switch off the pumps from outside, so I can perform maintenance with no one needing to be home. How would this best be accomplished? It is essential that any bypass not be easily accessed by the curious or disruptive.

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    Key switch? Actually, a locked box would be good for external switch.

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    Presume Sw1 and red wire are part of existing control circuit of relay coil. Cut red wire, and add in SW2. SW2 is ON-OFF-ON switch mounted in external lockable box or is external key switch.
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    If they cut the red wire, then if the manual switch is OFF, the timer will not activate it. He just needs a switch connected in parallel to the timer, connected to the hot/feed of the timer and connecting back to the load terminal of the timer. The switch can be a "keyed switch" or a toggle switch in a locked box.
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    I had settled on a horsepower-rated toggle switch in a small (about 20 cu in) steel box positioned to be unobtrusive. Today, that could be an outdoor surface-mount box with a cover held on by vandal-proof screws. It just seemed a bit cheesy to have a toggle switch heavily wrapped with electrical tape tucked into a box, but it did the job. I didn't want anything padlocked, because I thought it might draw attention.

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