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Thread: Toto Bidet Questions

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    Default Toto Bidet Questions

    I replaced my quiet comfort seat with a big box store cheapo that I like much better.

    Let's just say the curve angle on the quiet comfort positioned my big frame in such a way that sometimes when I had significant business to conduct I'd have to do some cleanup on the seat. I'm bigger than average but not a sumo wrestler. Of course, I pretty much have to use elongated seats and wouldn't dream of a standard seat.

    No issues with a normal flat seat.

    So now I'm looking at the s300e bidet. How does that seat compare to the Quiet Comforts? Or is the bidet seat flatter and more "normal"?

    Also, how good is the cleaning mechanism on the bidet? Sometimes I can have some serious cleanup required (i.e. first few wipes are cover the entire toilet paper square). Would a Toto bidet be able to handle a manly deposit?

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    The S300e is fairly flat.
    Washing with water is going to save paper. And wear and tear on you. In other countries, washing with water is considered the best way. Even I quit rubbing myself down with paper towels after working in the field all day. Shower and washing with water, what a great idea!

    TOTO 350e Washlet

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