Hi All,
I am writing about a leak detection/well water shutoff system I have developed. I do not use a shutoff valve or any type of computer controls.
I use "Old School" over sized parts for endurance and reliability. Today everything is complicated and built with poor quality. They are not reliable and when you need a system to work this is as "bullet proof" as it gets. I shut off the power to the well pump when a leak is detected by interrupting the power to the pump with an inline power relay (clapper type). It is a NC relay so no energy is used till required to open the circuit. The system is powered by the pump power so no other power is required. To install it you would place the control box between the well power switch and the pressure switch or the pump controller power line. There is a wired by cable water sensor that is located under the well tank or any water delivered appliance and will send a signal to the control box when water is detected. There actually can be up to six sensors if desired with various cable lengths. It actually takes no longer that 20 minutes to install. The mounting of the control box will take longer that wiring the system. Thoughts??

Lucky Don