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Thread: Superstor leaking thru sensor!

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    Default Superstor leaking thru sensor!

    I have an SSU-60 that has started leaking thru the sensor. Is that something I can replace? Can I drop some boiler liquid in to seal? Am I screwed?y
    Yes, there are signs of rust and hard water corrosion at that spot. I'm on a well and have a softener system but . . .
    Thanks for any advice!

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    Double-check the warranty...I think it is lifetime on that model. I have one that was replaced twice, but for a different reason (around the hot water outlet port). I had to pay the labor to swap it (common), but the tank was free. The new one's label is HTC instead of SuperStor, never researched whether they were bought out or just changed the name, but they honored the warranty.
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