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Thread: 4" to 5" DWV in PVC

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    Default 4" to 5" DWV in PVC

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a 4" to 5" in PVC for the DWV. I have a 4" lead setup that was never setup right. I had have the adp to switch it over to PVC and plan to route it out the roof correctly. In Chicago, it must increase in size by 1" before coming out of the roof. I rather not go to a 6". If someone can point me to a website or plumbing place that can help me out, that would be great.

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    It would have to be in PVC, since ABS is not made in 5" size. You would need a 5" coupling and a 5 x 4 bushing, because they do not make a 5 x 4 coupling. You would probably have to go to an irrigation company, since they would be the most likely to use 5". IT is not a common plumbing size.
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