I have not seen a salt grid. I had pictured them to be relatively thin and that the pickup would not draw from below the grid surface. I was presuming wrongly I suspect. From what I am wondering from responses on this thread, could it be true that

1. a properly placed pickup with the air check valve on the dip tube could pull water far below the surface of a salt grid?

2. that a refill of 4 gallons might not raise the brine level significantly visible above the grid to where a fifth gallon would make the water much more visible in the tank?

3. the pickup could sit in some cavity/hole that extends beneath the top of the grid but yet solid salt would not go below the top of the salt grid? Is that some singular hole made for the purpose of connecting with the air check valve on the dip tube?

On the thing about checking the right faucets, I am familiar with some houses in moderate hardness areas only having soft water piped to the hot water.