I recently purchased a 48K, 1.5 cu ft Fleck 7000SXT water softener to replace my old kenmoore system that finally died, after 8 years. I've programmed it myself from what I learned on this forum but i'm not getting the water as soft as it was before. When showing the water is mostly soft but I can still feel some hardness in the water. I'm sure this softener should works better than my old one.

I've tested the water at the well and it has a hardness of 20 grains with 3 grains of iron. I tested the water inside the house and it was a hardness of about 3 grains. I'm not sure if it should be zero or if 3 is normal. There are 2 people living in the house and use about 180 gal/day. I started with 6 lbs of salt per cu ft of resin, 9 lbs total, and have slowly increased it to 15 lbs per cu ft, or 21 lbs total.

The DLFC is 2.4 gpm and the BLFC is .125 gpm.

The settings are as follow:

Capacity = 36,000
Hardness = 30
SF = 20
DO = 7
B1 = 10
BD = 65
B2 = 10
RR = 10
BF = 60

I would like it to regenerate every 7 days.

I would appreciate any help and advice you guy's can give. Thanks