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Thread: Toto Ultramax II 1.28gpf vs. 1gpf

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    Default Toto Ultramax II 1.28gpf vs. 1gpf

    I purchased a Toto Ultramax II 1.28 gpf toilet about a month ago and am very pleased with this piece and have no complaints whatsoever about how well it flushes. Literally about 3 days after I installed it, Toto puts up a new version of the same toilet, only difference that I can see is it uses 1gpf instead. I believe this particular toilet isn't shipping until November 1 from what I've heard but I was hoping some more informed folks here could answer a few questions for me.

    For reference, here are the model numbers:
    MS604114CEFG = 1.28gpf
    MS604114CUFG = 1gpf

    From what I've read here on the forums, the 1.28gpf toilet has a flush "force" (is that the right term?) of around 800 grams. Does anyone know or have an idea of how much force the 1gpf version would have? I realize this is a new toilet that hasn't shipped yet, but it appears to be using the same type of flush valves on other Toto 1gpf toilets.

    Speaking of flush valves, this leads me to my next question. The flush valve specified for this toilet is the THU421-A, which is different than the ones used on the Drake (THU396). How much do these flush valves cost if I ever had to replace them? This seems like it might be a little more expensive than replacing a simple Korky flapper that I can use in my 1.28gpf toilet.

    Last question...is the 1gpf version also made in the USA? The actual toilet appears to be the same as the 1.28gpf version...I'm guessing the only difference might be the flush valves and such.

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    I cant answer your question but I was curious about the *looks* itself.

    For example, IMO the Drake 1G is a stunning looker compared to it's slight fatter bigger brother , the regular Drake II 1.2

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    There may be little to no cost difference in the flapper valve or the repair part should the valve start to leak. On repairs, Toto seems to be specifying one valve that is adjustable rather than the (probably slightly) less expensive specific valve. My guess is that those use a specific restrictor in the valve to get the bowl fill correct, and the replacement valve has a variable control to adjust the bowl refill so it handles all of the toilets that use that similar part.

    As the total flush volume gets smaller, there's less to wash the bowl. Toto has compensated by refining the way that water is used (like the Double Cyclone flush rather than wash down). But, the really old toilets that used 5-8gpf (and there's a bunch still around) will clean the bowl better. Adding the super smooth SanaGlos finish makes any bowl wash you have more effective. Personally, and it's partly your diet and how you sit on the toilet, I almost never have an issue with leftover streaks on the bowl, and only use the brush when I periodically clean the toilet, not as a regular cosmetic thing. Your results may differ...as I said, diet can make a big difference in how much of an issue that is.
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    The 1G versions use a different flush valve -- a flush tower thingy with a rubber seal that is operated by a cable from the lever. It's a lot more complicated than a chain and flapper.

    On the regular II toilets, it's one gallon to flush and .28 to refill the bowl. On the 1G, it's gonna be less. The folks who bought the 1G are fine with it, but they are still early-adopters.

    I would stick with and be happy with your Ultramax II, which is a great toilet that has a nice balance in the use of water -- flushing, rinsing, water-spot size.

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