My basement utility room has the well pump, tank, heating boiler and gas meter all on the same wall, within a few feet of each other. A great place to put a noisy THWH except the points of use (kitchen, bath and laundry) are all at the other end of the house.
So it looks like I'm faced with either waiting awhile for hot water to arrive at the outlet
Mount the tankless in a more "public" location in the basement that's closer to the points of use.

Attached is a plumbing diagram. I'm thinking of a spot under the kitchen that's in the corner of the 1/2 basement. No window within 3 feet so probably no code issues to contend with in the install. Would this be my BEST location for a THWH? It means running a large gas pipe across the basement but iron pipe is cheap and I'm thinking it's a better trade-off than waiting a couple minutes for hot water at the taps. Some day I may put a 1/2 bath in that corner of the basement--any code issues with a THWH being inside a bathroom?

What's everyone think about this?