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Caduceus, methinks you are a bit too sensitive. You have only 20 posts here at this point in time. Your concern (of getting sick)is genuine, but Don is the furthest guy here from being arrogant. Don and arrogance do not fit together. You seem to show some hubris. I mean this only in the nicest way. First, do no harm.
I will admit that the first comments from Don and ImOld did get under my skin. Not because of an injury to my pride, I felt that a sarcastic reply to to the original poster was insulting to both of us. I'm in other forums where fun sarcasm is kept in other appropriate threads unless the OP initiates it. Those who know me personally and on the web would also agree that "hubris" is not fitting of my mold as much as arrogance may not fit for Don's. I appreciate your opinion, maybe quiet introspective time can find its way into my schedule.