Sure, my emotions get the better of me all the time, but if Caduceus has actual information to share I'd like to see what it is. If that info isn't available on the internet fine, I have multiple medical professionals (one is a research MD/Phd) and multiple PHd biologists in my family, and can get second-hand access to published research that may not be readily via internet sources.

Without outlining the mechanism by which letting the tank stagnate to room temp it's hard to assign much credibility to a point of view. Simply asserting "you don't know what you're talking about" isn't very illuminating.

According to the CDC data the prevalence of legionella in the US is over 300,000 reported cases/year reported, which is more than 5x the risk of getting hit by lightning. It's a real public health problem, but the increased risk factors from potable water systems come from tepid-water stagnation, not room temp stagnation. If your normal storage temp is at a lethal level, I don't understand the mechanism by which letting it cool to room temp with no flow carries any significant elevation of risk. If water is stored at only 120F there is a theoretical elevation of risk by the few 10s of hours it spends in the high-growth temperature zone.

All ad hominem BS aside, I'd really like to know how this works.