Recently moved into a 50 year old house, am unsure about the age of the plumbing, but the shower stall I am dealing with was likely installed in the last ten years. The shower system is a two handle system, when I turn on the cold water, a steady drip (almost a small stream) flows from the handle. These handles look similar to the Price Pfister metal handles that turn clockwise/counter-clockwise in the metallic finish. I thought all i would have to do is turn off the water supply, remove the screw on the end of the cold water handle, and pull the know straight off. Inside would be a rubber washer or o-ring that I would have to problem right? But I did all that, but after removing the screw, the handle won't pull right off! i can turn it just as much as if I were turning on and off the cold water but it will not come off. How do i get it off and fix the leak? Is there some tool I'm not using that will removed the handle? Again the leak is coming from inside the part the of the handle that turns, and the water is flowing out from behind the faucet handle.