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Thread: What do I need...Plumbing fixtures for shower/tub

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    Question What do I need...Plumbing fixtures for shower/tub

    In the planning stages of our DIY redo of the Master Bath. It's hardly a "Master" bath at 5'3" x 9', but it is what it is! We have ordered a Sterling tub/shower with Surround. My DH has given me the task of researching/gathering information. Right now I'm trying to figure out the plumbing fixtures. I'm not sure what I need?!
    The tub/ shower will get much more use as a shower, which probably doesn't mean anything regarding my question. For the shower, the only shower head will be a handheld shower. Will probably order a Hansgrohe or Grohe shower, maybe this; "Grohe 28 179 000 Relexa Top 4 Hand Shower", or this; "Grohe 28 896 000 Relexa Ultra Massage Hand Shower". Also a "Hansgrohe Showerarm Mount", and a 63" hose.
    After that, I am confused as to what else I need for this shower/tub to put forth the flow of water. I want a single handle faucet that will turn on/ off, hot/cold but not pressure. What is that type of faucet called. And what it the type of "Valve" that I need. What about changing the water direction from tub to shower...is that a diverter? If so, is the diverter on the tub spout only or is there another part to that.
    .What all do I need and what do you call it??????
    I did order a drain overflow (thing) with the tub.
    Thank you for any help you can offer...
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    There are at least three ways to divert the water to where you want it. First, and probably most common, is to use a tub spout with a diverter in it. My preference here is the Delta line with a pull-down diverter (not a knob you pull up). They come in many finishes, styles, and either plastic body (lead-free) or brass (who knows for how long, though). Second, some (but not all that many) tub/shower valves have a built-in diverter. Third, a separate diverter valve. These can get pricey if you wanted to control multiple things, like say a rain shower, a handheld, body sprays, or the tub - they can have multiple inputs and outputs...and, it's another hole in the wall and extra plumbing and the trim can be expensive, too. Necessary for some, but not for what you want to do.

    Pretty much any single-handle tub/shower valve you can buy works as you indicate. To get extra features, requires another knob or handle. Those with a second control could give you either volume control, or is a thermostatic control. These tend to cost a bit more because they are more complex. Personally, I like a thermostatically controlled valve, and have a Grohe valve in my main bathroom with that feature.
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