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Thread: Heating & Cooling Furnace toronto

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    Default Heating & Cooling Furnace toronto

    I need a new Furnace my old Furnace is broken plz. you tell me which brand
    and i want a gas furnace http://cosmopolitanmechanical.ca/lennox-furnaces/2

    William james

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    The one with the smallest burner that's still big enough to cover your heat load at the 99% outside design temp is usually the "right" one, from a comfort & economy point of view. There is some evidence that oversizing condensing furnaces makes for slightly higher efficiency, but the gains are small, and it comes at a slight reduction in comfort.

    Bottom line- a heat load calculation is an all-important first step for selecting ANY heating equipment.

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    Call 2-3 local HVAC contractors or plumbers for evaluation and estimates.

    In my area, I would not use Lennox or Carrier, OOPS, I shouldn't have said that. I would go with Rheem only.

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    It seems that the vast majority of HVAC contractors come in, look at what's installed, and quote replacing it with the same capacity. This is often a BIG mistake for maximum efficiency and comfort. The fact that it kept you warm only means that it was at least big enough, but an older one may be 3-5 times oversized! Every time a burner turns off, you waste some energy up the flue. You get the best comfort and efficiency when it runs longer - more constant temperatures, and the burner (sort of like your car) is more efficient once it is up to temp.
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