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Thread: water heater drain

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    Question water heater drain

    I am having an electric water heater installed in my basement that has a concrete floor, unfinished. There was none here before.

    There is no floor drain. There is one drain pipe about 4 feet off the floor that drains downward to the sewer pipe a few feet below that. A rubber hose from my washing machine empties into that (the pipe sticks up and is open on top, and the washing machine rubber hose folds over and into that). What can be done for a new electric water heater? Does code typically require a floor drain or submersible sump pump that drains up and out to the ground or into that drain / sewer pipe or ..... is that something not in code and not what is looked at?

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    I am reading about a taco wags shut off. And a A.O. Smith shut off. Is this the solution I need? If this shuts off new water entry and the tank still empties, is there a hazard by having the electric elements sill on with an empty tank (I assume it'll maybe kill the elements, but hopefully not burn the house down)?

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    Here is a code. It may differ from the one that applies to you.
    http://ecodes.biz/ecodes_support/fre...%20Heaters.pdf is one code. Page 33 section 504.5

    I wonder about the reason for "9. Be installed so as to flow by gravity." bit, since it will be a pressurized pipe.

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