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Thread: Carlon Blue and Super Blue boxes?

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    Default Carlon Blue and Super Blue boxes?

    The round ceiling fixture boxes supposedly take regular 8-32 machine screws to mount fixture crossbars...

    I can't get them to take them, even when running starter threads with an 8-32 tap. I have been to their website, and they say use the 8-32 screws that come with the fixtures to secure the crossbars to the boxes.

    I must be doing something wrong, as I don't think NEC/UL permits self-tap screws (like sheetrock screws), but only screws with machine threads....

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have seen plenty of houses using self-tap screws into the blue boxes, apparently for the same reason.
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    IF you 'run the threads" with an 8-32 tap, AND you have 8-32 machine screws, there should be absolutely no reason they should not tighten up.
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