Hi everybody!

Water Softener: KS15he (50k) 1.53 cu ft? ; GE Autotrol 960he controller

The household had five roommates (three bathrooms), now we’re down to three people currently and soon it will be one person. It will be like this for several months and I want to adjust the water softener accordingly so I don’t waste salt/water or have any “channeling”. The thing is I am not too sure about my math because the owner’s manual state different efficiency numbers than the ones around here, so I don’t really know which one to follow.

Las Vegas gpg setting: 22

Three People:
70 (gpd) X 3 (people) = 210 (Total gpd) –based on the average past bill statements
210 x 22 (gpg) = 4,620 (Total gpd) X 7 days = 32,340 total grain capacity

Could I use 6 lbs. here or would it be better to use 8 lbs. cu ft salt per cu ft?

The owner’s manual states 38,900 @ 9.4 lbs.

I am assuming when I adjust the salt dose, I have to manually adjust the capacity setting too because the controller won’t do it automatically right?

With one person, it will be 10,780 grains per 7 days. Would I adjust the same way?

Am I off base here? Thanks for any help.