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Thread: Insulated Tank for Toto Drake II

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    Default Insulated Tank for Toto Drake II

    Does Toto make an insulated tank only for the Toto Drake II?

    I have a Toto Drake II Cotton White CST454CEFG with Sanagloss. I find the tank sweats a lot in humid weather, so I'd like to get an insulated tank for by model.

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    No insulated tank for the Drake II. The ST743 tank for the original drake comes in a "D" version (i.e. SD) that is insulated. On the drake II tank, the only option is a right-hand trip lever. The same style tank as the ST743 is used on the low-budget Carusoe as well, so there is an insulated tank option for that toilet as well, but that's it.

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    If there is a hot supply line close to the toilet a mixing valve might be an option.

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