Greetings ,all.
I am starting with a plan to accomplish the above statement. I have an indirect hydronic system currently, with a 40 gallon tank.
I plan to warm up the house with a wood stove starting this or next winter, placed in the basement, a few feet (7-8) from the Boiler /tank area.
I'm sure you know by now, there are only a 1000 videos on YouTube showing all kinds of nice tricks, but each setup is good for the respective owner and location.

One principal that I would like to use is : Water is run through a coiled pipe, and the coil is tightened to the outside of a wood stove. Water running through the coil gain heat, and returning to a tank.
That, is the only constant I have. I do not know weather the water should be running straight to my current tank after them interfacing with the wood stove, or, should I add a second tank, make the second tank exchange water with the wood stove, and have it's hot water exit connected to the main tank's cold water entry. The number of valves or control units needed for this setup will be determined by a professional.

This is just a preliminary question, if anyone has some experience or knowledge to share, I thank you in advance.

I acknowledge the fact that professional help may be needed on site, however, I need to have a firm grasp of the plan, for many reasons, budgeting would be a good one to start with. (A wood stove cost is not relevant to this part of the budget).
Thank you.