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Thread: Culligan Hi-Flow 3 water softener control issues

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    Question Culligan Hi-Flow 3 water softener control issues

    Hi guys, hopefully someone can help me here on my issue.

    I am the chief engineer/maintenance tech/whatever, for a hotel that has a Culligan hi-flow 3 water softener (10-13 years old best guess?). Bigish commercial unit, holds 800 lbs of salt...

    The unit is apparently designed to backwash the resin filter, typically every 3rd or 4th day depending on how the pins are set etc...

    During one such session the pressure caused the backwash to drain hose to split, spraying water EVERYWHERE. This was a rather crappy situation being that this room is also where all 3 hot water heaters, the water main and the electrical main happen to be as well (I didn't design the place I swear!) Trust me I was pretty nervous wading in the 1/2" deep water to shut off the water to the softener while watching the water spraying directly onto the 2.5' long handled MAIN breaker for the whole hotel... but I digress, that isn't really relevant information... possibly entertaining for you DIY'ers tho...

    I of course replaced the abs hose that ruptured with a much stronger clear heavy duty nylon reinforced hose, and put in an elbow so if somehow it does come apart again it will be shooting toward a blank wall and not the main main...

    However after bringing the unit back online, the unit remains in backwash mode and the valve control unit appears to do nothing whatsoever.

    If anyone is familiar with the unit and thinks they can help, I can supply photos of the control unit and whatnot. I'm not sure if the motor got wet and burned out, or if there is a fuse in the system that I'm not seeing... its all electro-mechanical so it has to be something pretty simple like a motor or a fuse... I just realized its also possibly the GFI electrical socket that its plugged into... water doesn't do those a lot of good ... I better go check that... but any advice would help, thanks.

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    Not sure of the hiflow 3 but a photo would be great.
    I know that on some of the larger ones they liked to use a Fleck valve..

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    It is a fairly bulletproof system. It is a Fleck 2900 2" control valve, dual piston design. Even submerged under 25' of water, it will still come back to life (long story).

    Check to make sure it has power. The internal piston/seal and spacer design tend to dribble to the drain over time, not full flow unless the valve is not cycling back to the home position.

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    To have pressure split a drain line there had to be a blockage past the split because otherwise the drain line is open discharge into a larger drain line.

    Vinyl usually will sag and kink over time closing off flow. Polyethylene tubing or pipe would be a much better choice.

    Possibly the line the drain line is connected too is still blocked and the new elbow won't blow off is why the valve does nothing now. For a blockage, there must not be an air gap on the drain line connection to the main drain line. Or, the control valve broke while in the backwash position of a regeneration and won't move to another position. Or none of that and there's something else wrong.
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