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Thread: New wood siding--stain now or later?

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    Default New wood siding--stain now or later?

    My contractor has taken far longer to side my cottage with white cedar shiplap than I expected--started 6 weeks ago. He should be done by the end of this week but in northern Michigan the temps barely hit 70 right now with overnight lows in the upper 40's. I have Sikkens SRD penetrating stain/finish (transparent natural color) on hand but I'm concerned it might be too late to apply.

    Should I wait till warmer weather next May or so...and will this mean extra steps if the siding turns grey by then?
    Should I consult with the mfr on this?
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    The instructions on the can should say if there's a min/max temperature for installation. If you're within the range, it should be okay. A stain may not have a min. If you like the color of the wood now, it's best to protect it now.

    The tech support of the manufacturer is a good place to start after you've fully read the instructions on the can.
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