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Thread: Bathrom Vanity, Medicine Cabinet, Sconce Install Questions

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    Default Bathrom Vanity, Medicine Cabinet, Sconce Install Questions

    I'm installing a new granite top on an existing single sink vanity, but want to avoid using any type of adhesive that would preclude my remove the granite top in the future without damaging it.

    - Given its weight, can the granite top just be laid on top of the vanity and leave it to gravity and the drain connect to keep it in place?

    - Will the granite top just sitting on the perimeter of the vanity cabinet be sufficient for support, or should I cut a piece of plywood to just under the size of the top and cut out for the basin so the top has more area support?

    - Also, can the back splash be installed using DAP Alex Plus Clear Caulk? I've got s new tube I just opened for some external door caulking.

    I'm also installing a medicine cabinet that weights ~30 lbs empty on 1/2" drywall. Only 1 of 5 screws will hit a wall stud. And a 3 light sconce where both screws will just go into wallboard.

    Is there a preferred type of drywall anchor to use, e.g. the plastic type that just expand in the wall hole, or a molly bolt, or a plastic or metal toggle bolt?
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