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Thread: Styrofoam in tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy48065 View Post
    Looks like that could be be useful with other brands as well. Now that I know of the overfill issue I've noticed the toilets where I work continue to shoot water down the overflow for nearly 20 seconds after the level in the bowl has stopped rising.
    Me, too. Once one knows how it all works, it's hard to watch that water just be wasted for no reason.

    As to that Fluidmaster slider-dealy, I installed that in a toilet with a 400A in it, and it isn't that reliable at maintaining a specific flow ratio. I took it out and replaced the 400A with a Korky 528MP, which has a continuously-adjustable refill ratio that stays in place and is reliably-consistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guy48065 View Post
    I'm sorry if my "humor" was "wasted" on you.

    I understand what you're saying but it's a matter of degree, isn't it? Anyone who waters their lawn (I don't) will waste more water in one day than my toilet will all year. Yeah--I'm not very green, not PC, don't believe in global warming. Just an old country curmudgeon.

    My ACE didn't have Korky.
    Ace Hardware has the Korky 528MP available online for $13.99 with free pick up at local store. It's adjustable for fill rate of 0-40%.

    You can still order it, replace the one you recently installed. That way you can custom tune the fill rate to your toilet to get max flush and no waste.

    It's cheap enough. Just a thought

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