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Thread: Cast Iron Tips and Tricks

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    Default Cast Iron Tips and Tricks


    I'm doing a home reno.

    All the in ground and under slab DVW pipes where done with ABC plastic. With the ABS there was no movement between the fitting and the overlap of the hub fittings provided larger seal area than the clamp does with a no hub coupling.

    The couplings I'm using are Anaco/Husky (neoprene couplings, stainless band, 2 clamps). All the pipe is cut square but there's still flex and the neoprene over the rough cast iron doesn't seam to be the best way to provide a seal that should last 30-40 years.

    I've been tempted to change over to heavy duty no hub couplings at least on the 4".

    With each fitting I install I wonder if there is a trick I'm missing.

    Thanks for the help

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    You need ABS/PVC to Cast iron mission couplings or the equivalent.
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    The metal band prevents side to side movement, and the pipes should be pushed together so they cannot "pull" out of the coupling.
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