I just had a new Burnham boiler installed, oil fired, and when we first fired it up, we cranked each thermostat (2 zones) all the way max and it worked fine. This was about a month ago, I haven't had to use it until recently. What seems to be happening is that if I have the thermostat set for some temperature, say 70 or so, and the house gets colder than that, I can hear the circulator come on, then the burner will fire for just a few seconds, then turn off, circulator and all. Then a short time later, the process repeats. If I turn up the thermostat to some higher number, say 80, then it fires up as it should. I know I should call the contractor, but I don't have much confidence in him, figured I'd try here first. This is a Burnham model V8H and there are electronic controls on it, like high temperature, low temperature, and such, just wondering if something is set incorrectly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.