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Thread: h2o leak in front yard.

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    Default h2o leak in front yard.

    I'm in California.
    Here is my problem. I noticed a leak in my front yard last week.
    It was fairly small , and had soaked an area about 4' across.
    There was a small, visible 'bubbling' of water from the center of the wet area. I had my water company find the streetside shutoff valve, and shut off the main supply line to the house. Started digging in the front yard. After two hours of digging and chopping roots, I've still not gotten down to the supply line from the street to the house.
    At this point, went to the store and bought a water key to operate the streetside valve my self. After turning the water back on, I have water shooting out of the manifold for my 'inground' sprinklers, and NO water in the freshly dug hole in the yard. Repeated open/close cycles of the main supply valve lead to more water at the sprinkler valve pipes, and nothing in the hole.
    I am afraid to leave the water turned on, as the volume of water coming from the sprinkler valves is quite heavy.

    Is it time to call in the Pros?
    It looks like I now have TWO leaks, the original in the yard under the tree roots, and the new leak at the sprinkler supply lines/manifold by the house.

    Alan A

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    If you have an isolation valve and can shut off the sprinkler supply, I'd do that so I could get water back to the house. THen see what's leaking where.
    Jim DeBruycker
    Important note - I'm not a pro
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    1. Tree roots can break pipes. I think you need a new main line (from the meter to the house).
    2. The sprinkler manifold leak is another issue. Dig around there to expose it, find where the leak is located and fix it.
    3. Can't dig do much? hire help.

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    If you have split the lines legally, there would be a shut off valve where the pipe was teed. One side for the house the other would go to the back flow device. Sounds like you don't have a legal system. It is probably time to call for professional help. Consult with him about a legal sprinkler connection.

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