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Thread: Toto Promenade + baseboard radiator... mismatch

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    Default Toto Promenade + baseboard radiator... mismatch

    Hi...in our remodel we will have baseboard hot water heat running along the side of the bathroom where the toilet is. The radiator has been ordered and received; the toilet (Promenade) has been ordered and received.

    Our old toilet (pre-remodel) had lots of space at floor level for the baseboard radiator (width 2") to run behind it. Foolishly I assumed that all toilets would have that space. However, according to Toto (the box hasn't been opened yet) the Promenade has 1-3/16" behind the toilet at floor level. So there is a 13/16" space problem (need to fit 2" wide baseboard in 1-3/16" gap).

    Redesigning the heating or getting a different toilet is possible in principle, but difficult and/or expensive. I am wondering if there are other solutions. 13/16" is not quite as bad as 2". Also we may recover a little space because the old tiles were set in concrete which is being removed and replaced with greenboard. That could bring it down to 1/2" mismatch, but 3/4" is a safer estimate.

    So my question is, how can one get an extra 1/2" - 3/4" at floor level? Is there enough play in the closet bolts? (I believe it's a 4" cast iron drain since it's a 1920 house.) Is there an adapter to gain 3/4" rather than 2"? (That wouldn't cause as many flow problems as a 2" bend.) Can one wield a hammer to shift the cast iron sufficiently without cracking it?

    If I should get a different toilet, what should I get? The Drake II has a little more space, 1-5/8", which may still not be enough. Plus we wanted the 'trad' styling of the Promenade.

    All advice greatly appreciated. As you can tell, the work hasn't started yet. I am not an expert and cannot do this myself, we do have a contractor, but I caused the problem by choosing the heating layout and the toilet so I am eager to have some possible solutions in hand before I even mention it to him.
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