I am a owner/manager of a 90 room hotel in Maine. We currently have 10000 BTU ptac units in the rooms. We have a moisture problem. The compressor doesn't run long enough to dehumidify. I had a indoor air quality consultant/engineer check out the hotel. They didn't find any water leakage issue but manual J load calculation showed that the PTACs are oversized. We need only about 4000 cooling BTUs. I have been looking everywhere to find PTAC unit that size but no luck. The lowest BTUs I can find is 7000 (from GE, AMana, LG). Are there any PTACs available with variable speed compressor/inverter technology that could modulate to lower BTUs? Or is there any other way, to lower the BTU output on 7000 BTU units.

Using mini-splits is not an option. If I use 1:1 compressor/evaporator setup then we will have 90 compressors in the parking lot! Don't want to use something like a Mitsubishi citi -multi because if something goes wrong this the main unit, all the rooms with have no heat/cool until the unit get fixed. If the unit malfunctions over the weekend and the parts are not available unit Monday! I don't like a system where there is single point of failure. With PTACs if one unit goes bad, we can swap is out or in the worst case, I wont sell one room.

Any help would be appreciated