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Thread: automated irrigation system

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    Default automated irrigation system

    I have a few seedlings and small plants that require very little water, just a 3-5 ml a day for some and been doing some research into how to automate the watering for these plants for when im on vacation.
    What i want is an indoor water container to give water to these small plants on demand or e.g. every 2 days, and be able to control this depending on how the plants looks by monitoring this from an ip cam and when needed connect through mobile/web and give it a shot of water. I have a synology ds1513+ which will be nice to integrate to this x10 system, and maybe be able to add a humidity sensor to the plant also.

    I just started researching for HAS's and not sure exactly what i need but I found a small water pump that will suck water out from a container (max 5Liters) and had a look at this:

    Then something like this to connect the pump to since the pump is low voltage dc, so im guessing this:

    I beleive then the universal module receiver will need to be connected to a x10 interface PowerLinc Modem of some kind:

    Would this work? Can anyone suggest any better systems that can be remotely controlled through a mobile/web/etc, and maybe even integrated with synology nas ds1513+?
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