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Thread: Mounting heavy wall hung sink

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    Default Mounting heavy wall hung sink


    I purchased an American Standard wall hung Surgeon's Scrub sink to use as a laundry room sink. It weights 123 lbs, and has a metal brace that came with it, and two brackets to hang it. (See photos below.) Do I need to install additional wood bracing inside the wall to support it or will the brackets do the job?

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    I wouldn't want to mount it except into solid blocking or into a stud in the wall. What does the installation instructions say about it?
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    123 pounds with the potential for a couple hundred more if someone decided to lean on it too hard. I would double up the studs in the wall and use that opportunity to make sure the drain in the wall was the right height and position.
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    It comes with a wall bracket, which fasten to studs in the wall. The angle bracket lock it in place, besides giving additional support, plus the bolts at the front help level it. It has a conventional 2" strainer drain opening so it only needs a 1 1/2' drain pipe. They fit a specific place on the bottom of the sink so your inside the wall backing has to be in the correct place.
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    What do the sink installation instructions say?

    What HJ said about the 1 1/2 drain.
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