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Thread: Need toilet 24" long or less - any suggestions?

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    Default Need toilet 24" long or less - any suggestions?

    I have a small bathroom that needs a toilet that is 24" long or less. Does anyone know of toilets that are this length? Thanks!

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    In a tight spot the important measurment is from the bolts that hold the bowl to floor to the front of the rim, assuming the ring is roughed in correctly.

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    You must know what the rough-in size requirement is, but 24" is going to be a very difficult problem to solve. If the problem is caused by the door swinging into the toilet, you can remedy that by installing a pocket door. This will require some remodeling of the wall, but is doable and will allow you to select virtually any toilet. Yes, the toilet will project into the room a bit, but if your room is so small that a 24" toilet is required,you are going to have to make some trade offs. FWIW, I have pocket doors on each of my bathrooms and find them to be very workable. Swinging doors really take up a lot of floor space.

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    I'll second a pocket door. Note, they are available as a surface track as well as a hidden pocket. The surface track has the door slid sort of like a barn door along the wall, rather than in the wall. That way, should someone come into the room while you were sitting there, they wouldn't hit you with the door, either. Finding any toilet that only projects 24" from the wall will be tough...the physical characteristics of having a tank, enough room for the seat to stand up, and a seat a normal person can sit on, plus a small gap behind just means bigger than 24" for most any design.
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